Dairy Farm Herdsman / Herd Manager (6181)
Location: Missouri
Job Number: 6181
Dairy Farm Herdsman / Herd Manager Position immediately available on a modern dairy expanding to 650 cows in north western Missouri. Candidates for this position will take primary responsibility in herd health operations from birth through lactation/dry off as well as to help to manage the specifics of the milking herd as well. Primary responsibilities would include breeding, hospital work, mastitis treatment and management, responding to immediate concerns (down cows, calf pulling, sick cows), running ovsync and vaccination protocols, sorting and moving cows into appropriate pens, identifying cows for the vet and hoof trimmer, eventually helping to manage parlor operations.

Relief responsibilities would include: relief feeder, relief milker, and relief pasture/heifer manager. The candidate would report directly to the owner and would meet with owner weekly to determine priorities and direction, as well as daily meetings/instruction as needed. The candidate would need to demonstrate competence on a variety of areas of the farm in able to familiarize him/herself with the operation. This would probably take the form of doing certain specific tasks for a few weeks each in order to become familiar (milking, feeding, etc). The goal is to have a herdsman who is then familiar throughout the farm and is able to respond to a variety of different issues as they arise. The longer term goal is to also help the herdsman develop the skills needed to manage people as well as cows and eventually move into more of a management position.

*A.I. cattle in headlocks or chute
*Heat detect
*Run Ovsync program
*Run vaccination program
*Diagnose common dairy health issues: Milk Fever, Mastitis, Metritis, Ketosis, Lameness, etc
*Manage pens: sorting, moving, evaluating cows
*Familiar with dairy equipment

Traditional farm house provided